Usin ma stuff

2016-06-08 00:25:16 by danyool777

Im not on NG much anymore and I usually see mail about people asking to use stuff.

Anything and everything I post anyone can use for whatever the heck they want.

Thats why I made it in the first place, and I think its cool whenever someone uses something I made in something they are doing.

So go ahead no need to ask about it :p

All songs are remixed as Orchestral Drum and bass / breakbeat
7 Tracks total, and most I haven't uploaded to the audio portal yet

If you dont like Orchestra, Drum and bass, Or breakbeat, you can just stray away.
Also, album name was me being uncreative and I dunno what else.

So Dl it
Do it

(I was JK its been over 1 year since I posted this and I realize how crap some of this sounds :3)

Album cover down there

Good morning, Crono! Chrono Trigger Orchestral Drum and Bass / Breakbeat mini Album

You like monster girl quest? Yes you do

2013-03-18 04:02:21 by danyool777

You should play monster girl quest because it is the game of the year all years.
And listen to this
If you still are not convinced, then you have no hope.
Also, needs more Hora hora~

Scout me goddammit

2012-10-29 18:13:38 by danyool777

Someone scout me already for the love of tits.
Im ready to post like 6 more pics but I wont until i'm scouted
Come on you fats

Youtube channel

2012-01-16 17:04:32 by danyool777

Visit my youtube channel as well for remixes and other junk.